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September 2014

MicroBirth Documentary Screening to be held October 5th at 4:00pm, at Cinnebare in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Check out all the information under the Get Active box in the top menu bar.

Thank you for all of the support this year as we have been fighting to protect birth choice here in South Carolina.  

We have enacted a non-profit board to continue our efforts, and to further our mission statement and purpose.

Stay tuned for additional fundraisers this fall!

Visit the "What's the current issue" tab for the most recent letter from DHEC outlining their stance on the issue.

Check out  www.charlestonbirthplace.com for more information on the choices we are trying to protect!


Mission statement: Drive legislative changes ensuring SC regulations abide by national birth center standards.  This change will prevent Charleston Birth Place from closing.



The South Carolina Senate adopted a proviso in the annual appropriations bill to help South Carolina's birth centers. The objective of the proviso is to negate any potential Department action in June and provide DHEC clarity regarding Section 44-89-60(3) and any implementing regulations by enumerating on-call and transfers requirements.

​Senator Larry Grooms (Berkeley), Senator Thomas Alexander (Oconee), Senator Katrina Shealy (Lexington), Senator Marlon Kimpson (Charleston), Senator Paul Campbell (Berkeley), Senator Shane Martin (Spartanburg), Senator Ross Turner (Greenville), Senator Paul Thurmond (Charleston), Senator Sean Bennett (Dorchester), Senator Chip Campsen (Charleston), and many other senators were steadfast advocates for the proviso during the debate.

In addition, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the South Carolina Medical Association and the South Carolina Hospital Association actively supported the proviso and we are very appreciative of their efforts and support. The next couple of weeks we will hear if the proviso passed the House. The proviso is a stop gap measure until we can work with the other stakeholders on more permanent birth center legislation that will reflect national standards. Please stay posted for further updates.Your support and calls have been very helpful, we let you know if we need further calls to legislators.


MicroBirth Fundraiser

October 5th, 4:00 pm

Join us for MicroBirth a documentary looking at birth in a whole new way; through the lens of a microscope.  The film investigates the latest scientific research that is starting to link the way babies are born with health in later life.

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